Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine

The FAWM is awarded by the Wilderness Medical Society for medical professionals who demonstrate profound levels of expertise for wilderness, remote and expedition medicine

The Fellowship is open to all medical professional from EMT and higher.

The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation offers three courses that are accredited by the WMS for earning FAWM credits.

Tropical Travel and Expedition Medical Skills course

  • Delegates can earn up to 29.75 points

Remote and Austere Medical Skills course

  • Delegates can earn up to 34 points

Remote Medical Life Support course

  • Delegates can earn up to 24 points

To become a Fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, a candidate must accumulate a minimum of 100 total credits according to the following table through participation in eligible, credit-scored activities and accumulation of relevant experience:


Minimum Points Needed

Maximum Points Allowed

Core Credits






Experience Report



Candidates must complete a minimum of 55 to a maximum of 70 credits from the list of required topics and earn a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 credits from the elective topics. So the total credits earned towards the core curriculum total is 60-80. To reward candidates credit for Wilderness Medical Experience other than attendance at reviewed events, completion of the Experience Report provides up to 40 credits. Each candidate must accumulate at least 20 credits from the Experience Report. The report reflects the candidate’s experience in the following six categories:

  • Board Certification & Conference Attendance
  • Publishing & Research
  • Volunteer Teaching
  • Public Service
  • Practice
  • Service to WMS
More information on the WMS.org website

WMS FAWM Brochure