WMS Student Interest Group

The CoROM Wilderness Medical Society Student Interest Group serves our members and students by creating opportunities for seminars focusing on Wilderness Medicine, Austere Medicine and Resource-limited healthcare. There is a private LinkedIn group for all students, faculty and members of the College to meet and discuss the topics we will present.

Starting in September, the College will present one monthly seminar focusing on Wilderness Medicine. We will have those topics chosen and put here on this website before August 2022. These seminars are approved for FAWM credit. Anyone can attend these seminars for free, but only students and residents can receive free FAWM credits for these seminars. This certificate can be sent to WMS to be added to your FAWM points. 

Additionally, can earn additional CPD points by becoming a Member of the College or a current CoROM student enrolled in one of our academic programmes. 


Anyone can attend these seminars for free, but only students and residents can receive free FAWM credits for these seminars. 


For those of you who do not know about the Fellowship programme from WMS, you can find more information on their website.

The FAWM is awarded by the Wilderness Medical Society to medical professionals who demonstrate profound levels of expertise in wilderness, remote and expedition medicine.

The Fellowship is open to all medical professionals from EMT and higher.

Click here for more information about the FAWM.


Time: 1800 Malta (CEST)

Topics for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

  • 6 September – Physics and Physiology of Diving
  • 4 October – Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Overview
  • 1 November – Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Haemorrhage Control
  • 6 December – Evaluating Fitness for the Wilderness Traveller
  • 3 January – Pre-hospital Patient Assessment
  • 7 February – Marine Creatures
  • 7 March – Critical Care in Austere Environments
  • 4 April – Parasites & Protozoal Infections in the Traveller
  • 2 May – Field Sanitation and Hygiene Measures
  • 6 June – Overview of HAPE and HACE
  • 4 July – Overview of Survival Techniques
  • 1 August – Improvised Medical Techniques in the Wilderness

How to earn FAWM credit

You need to attend the entire seminar. We will keep track of who is attending each week. Then, at the end of the year, we create a certificate for you that shows which weeks you attended the seminars. That certificate can be sent to WMS. They will add those hours to your FAWM application. Don’t forget that there may be some overlap on topics, so we can not guarantee that you will be able to use each credit that you earn with us. Also, WMS only accepts a set amount of credit from non-WMS providers.

Remember to email us in August 2023 with the seminars you attended.


Past WMS SIG seminars

Physics & Physiology of Depth with Vish Rajan 6 September 2022

TCCC Introduction with Tim Cranton 4 October 2022 

Catastrophic Haemorrhage with Tim Cranton 1 November 2022

Evaluating Fitness for the Wilderness Traveller 6 December 2022

Pre-hospital Patient Assessment 3 January 2023

Marine Animals and Envenomation 7 February 2023