The College has produced some webinars focusing on the practice of healthcare in remote, austere and resource-limited environments.Due to the Covid pandemic, we have been asked by the Maltese Department of Education to close our College until this pandemic has ended. We continue to train even though we cannot meet in a physical classroom. We have put together some webinars that we are passionate about. We will be running webinars each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Take a look at our schedule below for timings.How does this work?This is a live webinar:     You will be able to ask questions during the webinar. You will have access to a group chat function that will allow all participants to discuss topics and ask questions. The instructor will pause during the lesson to answer questions posted by the delegates.      You will not be seen by the instructor or other delegates. All communications goes through the messaging system.     You will have access to the recording of this Webinar. You will be able to play these videos lessons on demand on your own time. You will have access for one year.Will I get a certificate?      Yes, you can get a certificate of completion worth 5 CME/CPD credits. What is the cost?     €75 includes 5 CME/CPD credits and an official completion certificate     €55 no CME certificate. Attendance only.     €25 for current Members of the College.All times are 1600-1900 Malta time   Eastern Standard Time 1000-1300

  • 16 April Austere Critical Care Assessment and management of the Critical Casualty
  • 18 April PFC: Nursing Management for the Critical Casualty
  • 20 April Fundamentals of ECG: interpretation plus 100 case studies
  • 24 April Wilderness Expedition Dentistry with Burjor Langdana
  • 25 April Remote Medical Life Support:  Burns, Wounds and Shock
  • 28 April Remote Medical Life Support:  Setting up a Remote Clinic and Expedition Planning
  • 6 May Setting up a Remote Clinic: This webinar is in French.
  • 12 May Introduction to Tropical Medicine: Specifically designed for Remote Medics.
  • 14 May Assessment and Treatment of Malaria: Specifically designed for Remote Medics.
  • 19 May Top Infectious Disease Killers: Specifically designed for Remote Medics.
  • 21 May Deadly Ectoparasites and Arthropods: Specifically designed for Remote Medics.

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