Webinar- Tropical Medicine

Jason Jarvis will take you through this four-part series focusing on the assessment and management of Tropical and Infectious Diseases found throughout the world. See the course list in the paragraph below for more information. Additionally, there will also be case studies to walk you through these problems using the skills that you have learned on the programme. 

Specifically aimed at the healthcare professionals working in the energy, security and operational environments as well as on expeditions.

Cost: €75 includes 5 CME/CPD credits and an official completion certificate€55 no CME certificate. Attendance only.€25 for current Members of the College.12 May Introduction to Tropical Medicine: Specifically designed for Remote Medics.

     This is a broad introduction to the practice of medicine in areas of tropical and infectious diseases. 

14 May Assessment and Treatment of Malaria: Specifically designed for Remote Medics.

      This is a deep dive into the five types of malaria with particular focus on the p.falciparium which is the deadliest of all of the malarial diseases.

19 May Top Infectious Disease Killers: Specifically designed for Remote Medics.

      This covers the top five deadly diseases and the top five common diseases found by healthcare professionals working in the energy, security and operational environments. 

21 May Deadly Ectoparasites and Arthropods: Specifically designed for Remote Medics. 


  Jason Jarvis is a former Special Forces medic, board certified Tactical Paramedic and is a masters level expert in infectious diseases. He is starting his PhD in Pathobiology as he continues his passion for tropical medicine and infectious diseases.

   He has taken quite a few trips to Africa and Southeast Asia where he has set up remote clinics and worked in areas of high risk for malaria.  

   His recent travels have been to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and to Mae Sot, Thailand.

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