Webinar- Austere Critical Care

Austere Critical Care covers the assessment and management of the critical casualty found in remote, austere and resource-limited environments. Topics will include an introduction to critical care including haemodynamic monitoring. Additional topics will cover the skills needed to treat a casualty in and improvised intensive care bed. There will also be case studies to walk you through these problems using the skills that you have learned on the programme. 

Cost: €75 includes 5 CME/CPD credits and an official completion certificate€55 no CME certificate. Attendance only.€35 for current Members of the College.16 April Austere Critical Care   This webinar will include the following lectures:       Introduction to Austere Critical Care. This will be a lesson on the fundamentals of critical care.       Skills for the Austere ICU. This lesson will discuss the skill needed to assess and manage the critical casualty.        Case Studies. This lesson will discuss case studies of critical casualties using the information and skills that you have learned on this programme. ​23 April will be the same programme as above.  

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