Tropical, Travel and Expedition Medical Skills Course

The aim of the Tropical, Travel & Expedition Medical Skills (TTEMS) Course is to provide innovative and expert medical skills for the operational, deployed and offshore practitioners to become better and more proficient in their professional career.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Maltese authorities have forced us to move all of our Spring semester classroom content into an online format. We are now offering the full TTEMS and Advanced TTEMS certification through an interactive seminar format.
This offer will never be repeated. Join our faculty who are located on three continents as we discuss Tropical Travel and Expedition Medicine.

Please note: WMS FAWM credits cannot be awarded for this event.

College credits can be earned for both of these courses.

This one-time webinar based programme will incorporate all of the lessons found in the TTEMS and Advanced TTEMS courses.

Since we will not be able to do any hands on learning, we will add additional content that has not been taught on other TTEMS and Advanced TTEMS topics. 

We will add content from the Austere Critical Care week as well as additional topics in wilderness and expedition medicine.

TTEMS Webinar dates:

23-27 March, 2020

​​0900-1700 Malta Time (GMT+1)

Advanced TTEMS Webinar dates:

30 March - 3 April 2020 ​

​​​0900-1700 Malta Time (GMT+2)

Live Webinar Instructors:

Aebhric O'Kelly

Aebhric O'Kelly is a former US Army Green Beret, a Psychologist and a board certified Critical Care Paramedic. He is a dean for the not-for-profit College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation which offers medical education programmes for the remote, austere and offshore industries.  Aebhric taught on the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic course in Pfullendorf, Germany. He is currently writing a clinical doctorate from the University of Stirling. 

Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans is an experienced medical doctor with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Medical Education, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Medicine, and Emergency Medicine. Strong healthcare services professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Global health and Infectious diseases from The University of Edinburgh. 

Jason Jarvis

Jason Jarvis is a former Green Beret medic who is currently working towards a doctorate in infectious disease from the University of Washington. He has taught for the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation for four years. He spends a lot of time in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. He is an NREMT Paramedic and board certified Tactical Paramedic. 

Keith Brown

Dr Keith Brown is an emergency medicine physician and critical care specialist working in Idaho. He has spent many years working in resource limited environments. He is a specialist in austere medicine and has taught on the NATO NSOCM course since it's inception. 

Nicole Foster

Nicole Foster is a degree paramedic with a masters in public health. She works in the Northern Territories in Australia where she is often the only medical professional in hundreds of square miles.

Burjor Langdana

Burjor Langdana is an expedition dentist teaching Expedition Dental Support; Remote access dental support for Medic and non Medics. Together with colleagues of similar experience to form a network. A network that would provide basic dental training for medics and non medics going on an Expedition. Then to provide basic, simple instructions to remotely manage dental issues they might encounter in the field. 

TTEMS Course

The first week of this programme covers the basics of tropical medicine, expedition medicine and the practice of healthcare in remote and austere environments. We include prolonged field care experience working on live casualties. 

This week ​is accredited for 10 ECTS college credits.

Advanced TTEMS Course

The second week of this programme covers the advanced topics in tropical medicine, expedition medicine and the practice of healthcare in remote and austere environments. This week includes an introduction to the use of Ultrasound for diagnostics on tropical diseases and in expedition medicine.

This week ​is accredited for 10 ECTS college credits.

The FAWM is an academic award available to all medical professionals.

 More information is available on the FAWM website. 

FAWM credit cannot be awarded for the webinar based courses.

Both of these courses have been used by NREMT Paramedics to meet CME requirements for recertification.

Click on the picture below to watch the YouTube video of the TTEMS course

The TTEMS course is accredited for college credits through the EU credit scheme.

ECTS credits have been used globally for applying for other appropriate academic programmes. 

ECTS college credits: 10

T.T.E.M.S. Course Content

  • Remote and Offshore Planning
  • Head and EENT Emergencies
  • Feet and Skin Issues
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Orthopaedic Injuries
  • Critical Care and Aviation Medicine
  • Altitude Medicine
  • Dive Medicine
  • Analgesics and Antibiotics
  • Genitourinary and Sexual Health
  • Snakebites, Stings and Wee Beasties
  • Expedition Health and Hygiene
  • Joint Reductions
  • Long-term Wound Care
  • Steri-strips and suturing
  • Introduction to Tropical Medicine
  • Austere Clinical Laboratory
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Influenza, Ebola and Avian Flu
  • Infectious Skin Diseases
  • Tropical Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Top Ten Tropical Diseases
  • Diarrhoea and the Management of Acute Dehydration
  • Tropical Pharmacology
  • Tropical Medicine Case Studies

T.T.E.M.S. Course Details

Duration: 5 days

Cost: €850

If you want college credits for this course there is an additional fee of €400

TTEMS 2020 Dates

  • 23 - 27 March in Malta
  • 16 - 20 November in Malta

Advanced TTEMS 2020 Dates

  • 30 March - 3 April in Malta
  • 23 - 27 November in Malta


Malta or Tanzania


Upgrade your Trauma Skills

Do you need to brush up on your trauma patient assessment skills? Has it been awhile since you have done anything in a pre-hospital setting? We offer the ITLS course on the day before the TTEMS classroom begins. 

For more information, see our ITLS course page.

Clinical Tropical Medicine

The College provides hands on clinical training sites in Africa and Thailand. You can find more information on our clinical placements page.

For the TTEMS offered in Mae Sot, Thailand each January, the clinical tropical medicine experience is included.

Prolonged Field Care

The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine incorporates PFC scenarios during this course. Delegates will be required to assess, manage and monitor their casualties for extended periods of time under resource poor environments.

Live Casualty Simulations

The TTEMS course includes hands on experience with live casualty scenarios with our special effects makeup artists. These professionals have worked on films such as Gladiator and World War Z.

You will need to have a set of clothes that you don't mind getting a bit dirty and red.​

Improvised Medicine

During the TTEMS courses we include opportunities for delegates to learn how to make medical equipment and practice improvised medicine. 

We are adamant that we must provide best practice, evidence medicine even whilst improvising.

Learn from the best

All of our instructors are currently working as healthcare professionals. We have former Special Forces medics, Navy SEAL medics, Special Air Service medics as well as medical doctors with military and expedition experience.

We are passionate about training.​