TTEMS and Clinical Tropical Medicine in Thailand

The aim of the Tropical, Travel & Expedition Medical Skills (T.T.E.M.S.) Course is to provide innovative and expert medical skills for the operational, deployed and offshore practitioners to become better and more proficient in their professional career.

The TTEMS course is approved through the Wilderness Medical Society for up to 29.75 credits towards the

Fellowship of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine

The FAWM is an academic award available to all medical professionals. 

More information is available on the FAWM website. 

This course has been used by NREMT Paramedics to meet CME requirements for recertification.

T.T.E.M.S. Course Content

  • Remote and Offshore Planning
  • Head and EENT Emergencies
  • Feet and Skin Issues
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Orthopaedic Injuries
  • Critical Care and Aviation Medicine
  • Altitude Medicine
  • Dive Medicine
  • Analgesics and Antibiotics
  • Genitourinary and Sexual Health
  • Snakebites, Stings and Wee Beasties
  • Expedition Health and Hygiene
  • Joint Reductions
  • Long-term Wound Care
  • Steri-strips and suturing
  • Introduction to Tropical Medicine
  • Tactical Laboratory
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Influenza, Ebola and Avian Flu
  • Infectious Skin Diseases
  • Tropical Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Top Ten Tropical Diseases
  • Diarrhoea and the Management of Acute Dehydration
  • Tropical Pharmacology
  • Tropical Medicine Case Studies

T.T.E.M.S. Itinerary

14 January – Meet at Bangkok airport (DMK) for flight to Mae Sot

15 January – 18 January TTEMS courses in the morning and afternoon is spent in an austere refugee clinic

19 – 20 January – Weekend to explore the local area. The hotel will have options for day trips  such as the Chao Por Phawo shrine, the Hill Tribe Market or the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge. 

21-25 January TTEMS courses in the afternoon with mornings spent at local Mae Sot Clinics

26 January – Flight back to Bangkok airport (DMK)


Centara Hotel, Mae Sot


January 2021

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Cost: €4800

What is included:

   Flights from Bangkok to Mae Sot

   14 nights accommodation in a four star resort

   Breakfast included (drinks purchased separately)

   Taxis to and from clinical sites

   Tropical Travel and Expedition Medical Skills course

   Clinical experience in resource poor environments

   29.5 hours of Category 1 CME issued by WMS


Clinical Tropical Medicine

The TTEMS-Thailand will offer clinical locations in Mae Sot, Thailand. This will be hands on in various city based and austere clinics. We will provide translators and local travel. 

In Mae Sot, there are at least two venues where clinical care of Burmese refugees may be rendered: the Mae Tao Clinic, and the Mae Sot refuse area. The Mae Tao Clinic sees over 300 casualties each day. The Mae Sot refuse area has over 80 families with little access to healthcare. You will be part of the outreach team that will provide medical care each day. 

During this placement, you will see all aspects of primary and emergency care in an austere and resource poor environment. 

Learn from the best

There will be three instructors on the TTEMS-Thailand course:

  • MD with Trop Med qualification and former 18D
  • NREMT Paramedic and former 18D with Trop Med experience
  • Critical Care Paramedic with Trop Med experience and former 18E

What is an 18D? Wikipedia link

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