Personal Statement

Tell us a bit about yourself, please.

During the coming months you will be in touch with different members of the CoROM team.

We pride ourselves on giving every one of our students a study experience suited to their background and to the conditions under which they are undertaking these studies. Some of you take time off from work to study and stay at home during that time, and some study while working on boats or in remote areas.

As this course stretches over many months, this is part of our effort to ensure that our staff know who you are and can address you appropriately, anticipating your concerns and putting them in the context of your future career plans.

This statement will be passed on to all who will support you during your journey of becoming a paramedic.

These will include admin staff and your paramedic tutors, as well as your instructors during the classroom training sessions.

For example:

A member of the oral board at your final exam may never have met you before, and will be given this personal statement along with the documentation of what you have achieved during this course.

The first persons to receive your information at this stage are your course director, Aebhric O'Kelly, and Dr. Andrew Grech, your paramedic tutor.

They will reply to you when you submit this information.

Any information that you are giving here will be treated in strict confidence and will not be passed on to any third parties that are not members of the team actively supporting you during your studies. - Most fields in this form are not compulsory (Required fields are marked with '*'), but submitting this form is a required part of this programme.

Thank you!