Pre-hospital Airway & Rapid Sequence Induction Course (PARSIC)

Is this course for me ?

This one day course aims to familiarise medical professionals with the practice of rapid sequence intubation in the unique pre-hospital environment. The course is intended for providers experienced in pre-hospital airway management techniques and seeking to acquire the ability to lead or assist in intubation interventions in critically ill patients in remote settings.

What will I learn ?

On completion of the PARSIC course, participants will have gained:

  • The knowledge to recognise definite indications for RSI in pre-hospital practice
  • The ability to direct an RSI attempt
  • The ability to perform an RSI attempt

What particular skills will I obtain?

RSI of a critically ill patient outside of hospital requires a goal-driven, team-centred approach and a high level manual skill set. Our learning objectives target the practice of pre-hospital RSI from three different aspects and emphasise the differences from classical techniques practised in more traditional settings.

Knowledge Competencies

  • Indications for pre-hospital RSI
  • Relevance of indications to pre-hospital patient care
  • Targets outcomes for pre-hospital RSI in different indications
  • Differences between in-hospital and pre-hospital RSI
  • Modifications to RSI techniques in pre-hospital practice to maximise success with limited resources
  • Markers of success in pre-hospital RSI, methods of recognising limitations and strategies for revising approaches in austere environments

Leadership Competencies

  • Gauging colleagues' skills sets, experience and ability to participate in pre-hospital RSI
  • Directing a pre-hospital RSI effort from within the team and from outside it
  • Assuming various responsibilities within the team as appropriate
  • Regulating team members' responsibilities according to individual competencies
  • Planning for pre-hospital RSI interventions with the limited resource availability

Motor Competencies

  • Performing laryngoscopy and intubation in a non-RSI context
  • Performing laryngoscopy and intubation in an RSI context
  • Using a checklist system to minimise errors of omission in RSI interventions
  • Integrating airway decontamination manoeuvres into an RSI intubation routine
  • Achieving successful and safe RSI intubation in complex casualty simulations

How will I be assessed?

The PARSIC course incorporates CoROM standards of curriculum delivery and rigorous outcome measurement.

  • Small group teaching sessions
  • Small group simulation practices
  • Summative simulation-centred evaluation

Successful course completion will involve a written examination and participation in a simulated critically ill patient scenario within a classroom setting.

How is this course certified?

The PARSIC course is certified through the College of Remote & Offshore Medicine.