The ITLS Provider course is a two-part programme:

  • Part I: 8 hours of online lectures and a final written exam
  • Part II: 8 hours of hands-on skills training and a final skills exam
    • Taught by CoROM in Birzebbuga, Malta

This course is taught for advanced-level providers. Certification comes from International Trauma Life Support.


Next ITLS Course Date:

October 2023


8 online hours of ITLS Lectures, provided by the ITLS website:

  • Scene Size-up
  • Trauma Assessment and Management
  • Airway Management
  • Thoracic Trauma
  • Shock
  • Head Trauma
  • Spinal Trauma
  • Abdominal Trauma
  • Extremity Trauma
  • Burns
  • Paediatric Trauma
  • Geriatric Trauma
  • Trauma in Pregnancy
  • The Impaired Patient
  • Trauma Arrest
  • Standard Precautions

8 classroom hours of ITLS Stations provided by CoROM, Including:

  • Assessment skills
  • Airway skills
  • Thoracic trauma skills
  • Vascular access skills
  • Spine management skills
  • Extremity trauma skills


This ITLS covers the same skills stations and testing procedures as the two-day ITLS Provider course. Upon successful completion, candidates will be awarded an ITLS Advanced Provider card.

Course Cost:

  • $90 paid to ITLS for the online content
  • €250 paid to CoROM for the classroom training

Course Timings:

  • The course will begin at 9 am and finish at around 5 pm.
  • There will be a one-hour lunch break.

Course Location:

  • Pretty, Malta

What you need to bring to the course:

  • Notebook/ Paper / Pens / Laptop (according to your preference for taking notes)


  • WIFI is available.
  • This course will be held in Birzebbuga, Malta.
  • A good selection of coffee shops and restaurants are located close by.


It consists of two distinct phases:

1. 8 hours of online learning

The cost for the online training is $90.

This is purchased directly from the website.

Click on the link to the right for more information.

Important: This must be completed before attending the classroom training phase.


2. 1 day of classroom training and testing

The cost for the classroom training and testing is €250.