Field Guide for Practitioners

Remote and Offshore Medicine:

Field Guide for Practitioners

The CoROM Field Guide was designed for the Remote and Austere practitioner working in difficult and resource-poor environments. The print version has been used on the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic course for the past three years.

There are copies deployed on all seven continents helping remote medics, military medics, doctors, nurses and other allied health practitioners who are working in less than ideal environments.

This field guide is recommended by the International Board for Specialty Certifications for the Tactical Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, Flight Paramedic and Community Paramedic exams.

With the launch of the Digital Version, we are no longer selling hard copies of the Field Guide. You can purchase your Digital Field Guide here.

ISBN: 9789995791308     Cost: €35 annual subscription

This 330-page, A6 sized (4.1 x 5.8 in) field guide covers the following topics: