International Critical Care Paramedic

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The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation offers the Foundations in Critical Care programme. It consists of online learning, one week of foundational learning and a final week of board exam test preparation for the Flight Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic.

  • Online Content: Moodle based, self paced learning.
  • Classroom Content: Foundations of Critical Care

CoROM provide the largest review course for the American IBSC exam offered outside of the United States. This course is designed for registered paramedics, prehospital nurses and doctors who would like to become a Flight Paramedic or Critical Care Paramedic.

Students use the ACEP Critical Care Transport curriculum and online coursework. 

This course is accredited for 10 college credits through the European Credit Transfer Scheme. This equals 1/6th of a college school year. These credits can be transferred worldwide. 

This programme is approved by the International Board for Specialty Certifications. This course gives 16 hours of CME credit.

You can find us on their website here.

Reservation cost: €500.

This deposit will reserve a place on the course.

In addition, you will receive online access to CoROM online lessons our selection of YouTube videos focusing on the topics found in the exams.