Foundations in Critical Care

The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation offers the Foundations in Critical Care course. It consists of online learning and one week of hands on skills.

The IBSC exams for Flight Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic can be booked through the IBSC website. These exams can be taken worldwide at any ProMetric testing centre. They can also be taken in your own home on your own computer. Click here to start the process

We have learned in the last few courses that the chance for passing these exams increases when the exams are taken two or three weeks after taking this course. Therefore, we no longer offer the IBSC exams at the end of the classroom training. 

We suggest that you arrange to take the course once you have taken a couple of weeks to review your classroom notes and the online review content.

MSc Austere Critical Care

   The College has a Masters in Science in Austere Critical Care. This two year programme covers advanced concepts of critical care specifically needed for the advanced practitioner working in remote, austere and resource-poor environments.

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