CoROM Remote Paramedic

The Remote Paramedic programme is designed for healthcare professionals working in remote, austere and resource poor environments. This course is designed specifically for the remote medic, oil and gas industry, expeditions, close protection operators and contract medics throughout the world. The course covers both city based paramedic skill sets and remote paramedic training with an emphasis on high quality prolonged field care for remote and operational environments. 

Our graduates have been accepted into UK universities offering a one year fully online BSc top up programme. The cost is around £3000 to upgrade from our Remote Paramedic to the BSc in Paramedic Practice. The universities look at each application on a case-by-case basis.


Board certified Tactical Paramedic


Diploma of Paramedical Science


On the last day of the course, delegates can choose to sit the American board certification exam to become a Tactical Paramedic. ​This TP-C is accredited by the International Board of Specialty Certifications. 

The TP-C is an advanced paramedic certification that is specifically designed for SWAT medics, Special Forces Medical Sergeants (18D) and SEAL Corpsman. This is purchased directly from the IBSC website.

CoROM Remote Paramedics are welcome to take the Horizon HSE Offshore Medics Course on completion of the paramedic classroom training.

Horizon gives a 25% discount to CoROM students on tuition and accommodation during their Offshore Medics Course.

There are additional jobs available for paramedics with this qualification.

   Course Structure of

     CoROM Remote Paramedic

Part I:    20-30 weeks of distance learning consisting of three major modules. 

Online Basic Sciences: Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Microbiology and Pharmacology

Online Core Skills: Drugs Formulary, Patient Assessment, Practical Skills, Special Populations, Trauma Module and Medical Module.

Online Advanced Skills: Cardiology, Advanced Airway Management, Advanced Pharmacology

Part II:    3 weeks of classroom training.

Certificates earned: CoROM Remote Paramedic

Location: Malta and Tanzania.

The classroom training phase is scheduled to take place in Malta and Tanzania.

Course Dates

18 Mar – 6 Apr 2019 in Malta

Places available

15 Jul - 3 Aug 2019 in Tanzania

Places available

March 2020 in Malta

Places available

Part III:    400 hours of clinical placements.

· Dates and location to be agreed with CoROM.

· Placement options to be provided by CoROM.

CoROM clinical placements page

· Students can arrange their own clinical placements with prior approval from CoROM.

· Clinical placements have to be completed within a six-month time frame after completing the classroom training.

· Students are responsible for all travel and accommodation costs.​

This paramedic programme is open to applicants who meet one of the following criteria:

  • check
    Emergency Medical Technician
  • check
    Basic Ambulance Assistant
  • check
    Medicine in Remote Areas
  • check
    Any qualification equal or higher to the above

Tuition Cost: €5900