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Ambulance clinical placements are in the main area of Budapest. The experience is  hands on and always assigned an English speaking paramedic. 

The aeromedical HEMS clinical placement is only available for doctors, nurses and paramedics who have academic training as a Critical Care or Flight Paramedic.  ​

Cost: €700 for four days

Dates available:

03-06 September
17-20 September
24-27 September


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The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation offers hands on clinical experience. 

  • Budapest HEMS: Air Ambulance
  • Budapest NHS: Ground Ambulances
  • St Mary's London: Accident and Emergency ward
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: 

CoROM provide the largest review course for the American IBSC exam offered outside of the United States. This course is designed for registered paramedics, prehospital nurses and doctors who would like to become a Flight Paramedic or Critical Care Paramedic.

Students use the ACEP Critical Care Transport curriculum and online coursework. 

The International Critical Care Paramedic programme is approved by the International Board for Specialty Certifications. This course gives 24 hours of CME credit.

You can find us on their website here.

Clinical Placement cost: €800 per month per ward

There are some current discounted clinical placement sites. Click on the tab to the left to see more information on the clinical site that you are interested in.