PGCert in Austere Critical Care

CoROM are designing a one-year programme for currently registered medical professionals. This Postgraduate Certificate will eventually lead into the PGDip and the Master's degree.

The certificate will be modular with self-paced guided learning hours followed by short courses located in Malta, Tanzania and other locations.


  • Basic Concepts of Critical Care
  • Critical Care Transport Paramedic and US board certification
  • Tropical, Travel and Expedition Medical Skills (TTEMS)
  • Remote and Austere Medical Skills (RAMS)
  • Prehospital Anaesthesia for Remote Areas (PARA)
  • Prolonged Field Care
  • Austere Critical Care
  • Improvised Medicine
  • ICU Clinical Placement in Tanzania
  • Capstone Project

This course will launch in 2020 and will be jointly accredited through the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine as well as the Mount Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College.