Advisory Board

Advisory Board members represent an international team of professionals with interdisciplinary experience and interest across a diverse range of medical specialties. CoROM draws on subject matter experts in remote medicine, austere critical care, tropical medicine, special operations medicine, academics and aeromedical evacuation.

This is a voluntary board. All members donate their time and expertise to improve the practice of evidence based medicine and for global medical training.​

  • dr. rune philemon
  • Dr. Keith Brown
  • Dr. John Quinn
  • Dr. Marc o'griofa
  • Dr. Henrique Cabral
  • dr samir carim
  • sean mccann
  • daniel milford
  • jason jarvis
  • Tom mpande
  • Student Liaison
  • Dr drew stephens
  • Neil coleman

Neil Coleman, MSc PG Dip Ed HDip EMT-A

Neil is the education manager for CoROM. He is responsible for online content and the classroom based syllabus of all CoROM courses and is often one of the first points of contact for students who come to us for their courses.

He is licensed in Ireland as an Advanced Paramedic and has just completed a four year contract as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medical Science in University College Dublin. He was also previously a clinical skills tutor in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, and has worked for the Emergency Services in Dublin for 17 years. Prior to that,

Neil was a combat medical technician in the military. Neil has also worked in the UK, US, Croatia and Italy during his career. He is an advocate of lifelong learning and lectures on at least one week of each CoROM CRP course.