Advisory Board

Advisory Board members represent an international team of professionals with interdisciplinary experience and interest across a diverse range of medical specialties. CoROM draws on subject matter experts in remote medicine, austere critical care, tropical medicine, special operations medicine, academics and aeromedical evacuation.

This is a voluntary board. All members donate their time and expertise to improve the practice of evidence based medicine and for global medical training.​

  • dr. rune philemon
  • Dr. Keith Brown
  • Dr. John Quinn
  • Dr. Marc o'griofa
  • Dr. Henrique Cabral
  • dr samir carim
  • sean mccann
  • daniel milford
  • jason jarvis
  • Tom mpande
  • Student Liaison
  • Dr drew stephens
  • Neil coleman

If you are interested in learning about the opportunities available to graduates of CoROM programmes, contact Student Liaison Officer Ryan Elliott.

Ryan spent twelve years with the British Army (1 Rifles), deploying on operations in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the military, he moved into the security sector and gained experience in a variety of roles before completing his paramedic studies and successfully gaining Industry Paramedic registration.