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Medical Innovation for Austere Environments

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CoROM is an EU-registered, not-for-profit charity that focuses on the practice of healthcare in remote, austere and resource-poor environments. We provide membership, academic training and professional registration for the remote practitioner. We focus on training medical professionals who can work in difficult environments and continue to provide evidence-based medicine in prolonged field care conditions.

The College is based in the European Union with operational locations in Asia, Africa and North America.

The College provides support for medical courses offered by the World Health Organisation.

The College has provided the Tropical Medicine module for the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic course in Pfullendorf, Germany. We also taught on the Prolonged Field Care module.

The College is connected with the Mount Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College located in Moshi, Tanzania. Additionally, our graduates gain clinical experience at the KCMC hospital and in remote clinics located throughout northern Tanzania.


We provide academic degree programmes.

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CoROM Field Guide

The virtual field guide is available by clicking the logo to the left. It can be downloaded onto your smartphone and used offline. The app also includes medical calculators and the EMS Drug Guide.





What do we do?

Tropical Medicine

We provide clinical research and academic training in Tropical Medicine for medical professionals located worldwide.

CoROM provided the Tropical Medicine module for the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic (NSOCM) course in Pfullendorf, Germany.






Austere Medicine and Prolonged Field Care

The tyranny of distance requires that medical professionals working in Africa, Asia and the Middle East must have the ability to provide best practice medicine for extended periods of time. CoROM focuses on the practice of medicine with limited resources and the ability to improvise whilst providing excellent medical care.






Austere Critical Care

The ability to provide care for critically ill casualties must be available regardless of location and resources. CoROM provides the Critical Care Transport curriculum and expands into the provision of critical care in less than ideal environments.



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